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The elimination of a $10,000 federal student loan debt was announced On Wednesday by the Biden administration. According to an expert, Nelnet and Navient, two loan providers, would suffer as a result of the decision. President of United States, Joe Biden declared his student loan debt plan on Wednesday.

With an annual income threshold of $125,000 or for couples making less than $250,000, the cancellation includes $10,000 in federal student loan debt for each borrower. Federal Pell Grant recipients who earn less than $125,000 annually are qualified for up to $20,000 in total forgiveness.

Student loan forgiveness “would likely be unfavorable for Nelnet and Navient,” according to Ed Groshans of Compass Point Research. According to Groshans, Nelnet recently disclosed that it services student loans for 15.4 million borrowers in a file. Groshans cited the company’s claim that $10,000 loan forgiveness would result in a 4.3 million reduction in the number of debtors Nelnet services. Biden as well extended the suspension of debt payments to Dec. 31.

In a press briefing Wednesday afternoon, President Biden said “I made a commitment that we provide student debt relief, and I’m honoring that commitment today.”

Biden added “I believe my plan is responsible and fair. It focuses the benefit on middle class and working families, and helps both current and future borrowers, and will fix a badly broken system. And these actions build on my administration’s effort to make college more affordable in the first place.”

The prospective student loan forgiveness is not anticipated to have a detrimental impact on all lenders of student loans. SLM (SLM) and Discover Financial Services (DFS) are “best insulated given they originate and hold private student loans, which should not be impacted by any forgiveness, though could benefit from a deleveraging of student borrowers,” according to Barclays analyst Mark DeVries in a report published on Wednesday.

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